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Major Samuel Sturgis’ Report on the Battle of Wilson’s Creek

Early on the morning of August 10th, 1861, 5,400 Union troops under the command of Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon attacked a Confederate force of 11,000 under the command of Brigadier General Ben McCullough at...


First Battle of Bull Run Facts and Trivia

Also known as: First Manassas Date: July 21st, 1861 Location: Fairfax and Prince William Counties, Virginia Approximate troop strength: Union 28,450; Confederate 32,230 Commanders: Brigadier General Irvin McDowell (Union); Brigadier Generals Pierre Beauregard and...


The 8th New Hampshire Infantry at Port Hudson

In May of 1863, as Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s army was advancing on Vicksburg, Mississippi, another Federal force was surrounding  the only other Confederate stronghold left on the Mississippi River at Port Hudson,...