Sterling Price Quick Facts

Gen. Sterling Price CSA

Name Meaning

Sterling is of English
origin and means
“pure, high quality”.

Vital Stats

September 14, 1809
Birth Name:
Sterling Price
Farmville, Virginia
Date of Death:
September 29, 1867
Cause: Cholera
Place of Death:
St. Louis, Missouri
Nationality: American
Ancestry: Welsh
Occupation before Civil War:
Politician (Missouri state
legislator, U.S. Representative,
Governor of Missouri, Missouri
bank commissioner), planter,
military officer in
Mexican American War.
Occupation during Civil War:
General in Confederate Army
Occupation after the Civil War:

Major Battles

Wilson’s Creek, Pea Ridge,
Iuka, Corinth, Helena, Camden Expedition,
Price’s Missouri Expedition (various
battles including Westport and
Mine Creek).


Father: Pugh Williamson Price
Mother: Elizabeth Williamson
Brother: Edwin Price (September 10, 1795-January 24, 1858)
Sister: Pamela Price (August 11, 1800-February 19, 1891)
Brother: Robert Price (December 1, 1803-February 10, 1873)
Brother: John Randolph Price May 4, 1811-May 3, 1880)


Married: Martha Head (May 2, 1810-March 5, 1970
on May 14th, 1833.


Son: Edwin Williamson Price (June 10, 1844-January 4, 1908)
Daughter: Amanda Price (1837-1838)
Son : Celsus Price (March 1, 1841-September 5, 1909)
Son: Heber Price (January 31, 1844-June 1, 1868)
Daughter: Martha Sterling Price (April 23, 1846-March 25, 1912)
Son: Quintus Price (September 21, 1851-January 19, 1943)
Son: Athol Price (December 5, 1856-November 2, 1860)


General Sterling Price and the Civil War in the West by Albert Castel

The Last Hurrah: Sterling Price’s Missouri Expedition of 1864 by Kyle S. Sinisi

The Civil War in Missouri: A Military History by Louis S. Gerteis

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