Nathaniel Lyon Quick Facts

Name Meaning:

Nathaniel is of Hebrew origin
and means “God has given.
Gen Nathaniel Lyon 2

Vital Stats

Birthday: July 14th, 1818
Birth Name: Nathaniel Lyon
Birthplace: Ashford, Connecticut
Date of Death: August 10th, 1861
Cause: Killed in action
at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek
Place of Death: Near
Springfield, Missouri
Height: 5’7″
Nationality: American
Ancestry: English
Occupation before Civil War:
Career U.S. Army Officer,
graduate of West Point in 1841.
Occupation during Civil War:
Union Army general

Major Battles:

Battle of Wilson’s Creek


Father: Amasa Lyon (Nov. 19, 1771-April 11, 1843)
Mother: Keziah Knowlton Lyon
(February 9, 1781-January 31, 1852)
Brother: Amasa Knowlton (July 4, 1806-Aug. 28, 1822)
Brother: Marcus (July 2, 1809-April 29, 1810)
Sister: Delotia (b. Oct. 15, 1811)
Sister: Sophronia (b. January 4, 1813)
Brother: Lorenzo (b. February 9, 1815)
Sister: Elizabeth Ann (b. November 8, 1816)
Brother: Daniel (b. November 14, 1819
Brother: Lyman (b. March 30, 1822)


Never married




Damned Yankee: The Life of General Nathaniel Lyon by Christopher Phillips
Life of General Nathaniel Lyon by Ashbel Woodward

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