John F. Reynolds Quick Facts

General John F. Reynolds

Name Meaning

John is of Hebrew origin and means
“God is gracious”

Vital Stats

Birthday: September 20th, 1820
Birth Name: John Fulton Reynolds
Birthplace: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Height: 6 feet
Date of Death: July 1st, 1863
Cause of Death: Killed in action at
the Battle of Gettysburg
Place of Death: Gettysburg,
Nationality: American
Ancestry: Irish and French
Occupation before Civil War:
Career U.S. Army officer,
West Point graduate
Occupation during Civil War:
Union Army general;
Major General commanding Union
1st Corps at the time of his death.

Major Battles:

Seven Days Battles (captured
on June 27th, 1862 after the Battle
of Gaines’ Mill; exchanged Aug. 15th)
Second Bull Run


Father: John Reynolds (1787-1853)
Mother: Lydia Moore Reynolds (1794-1843)
Brother: Samuel (1814-1888)
Brother: William (1815-1879)
Sister: Jane (born and died 1817)
Sister: Lydia (1818-1896)
Brother: James (1822-1880)
Sister: Mary Jane (1824-1901)
Sister: Catharine (1825-1905)
Brother: Edward C. (1827-1828)
Sister: Anne (1827-1832)
Brother: Edward B. (born and died 1829)
Sister: Harriet (1832-1898)
Sister: Eleanor (1835-1923)


Engaged to Katherine May Hewitt (1836-1902) at the time of his death.


Toward Gettysburg: A Biography Of General John F. Reynolds
by Edward J. Nichols
Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage
by Noah Andre Trudeau

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