Albert Sidney Johnston Quick Facts

Name Meaning

Albert is of Old German origin and means
“noble, bright, famous”

Vital Stats

Birthday: February 2, 1803
Birth Name: Albert Sidney Johnston
Birthplace: Mason County, Kentucky
Date of Death: April 6, 1862
Cause: Killed at Battle of Shiloh
Place of Death: McNairy County, Tennessee
Nationality: American
Ancestry: Scottish
Occupation before Civil War:
U.S. Army officer, Secretary
of War for the Republic of Texas,
plantation owner.
Occupation during Civil War:
Confederate General; Commander of
Confederate Western Department

Major Battles:

Battle of Shiloh


Father: John Johnston (1762-1832)
Mother: Abigail Harris Johnston (1770-1806)
Half brother: Josiah Stoddard Johnston
(Nov.11, 1784-May 19, 1833)
Half brother: Darius Johnston
Half brother: Orramel Johnston
Brother: John Harris Johnston (1795-1838)
Brother: Alfred Johnston (1796-1819)
Brother: Lucius Johnston (1797-1819)
Sister: Anna Maria Johnston (1799-1883)
Sister: Clarissa Johnston (b. 1801)
Sister: Elisa Johnston (1805-1860)
Sister: Abigail Johnston (infant, b. and d. 1806)


Married: Henrietta Preston on January 20, 1829
(d. August 12, 1835)
Married: Eliza Griffin on October 3, 1843
(December 26, 1821-September 25, 1896)


Son: William Preston Johnston (1831-1899)
Daughter: Henrietta Preston Johnston (1832-1906)
Daughter: Mira Preston Johnston (b. 1833)
Son: Albert Sidney Johnston (1845-1863)
Son: Hancock McClung Johnston (1848-1904)
Daughter: Mary Hancock Johnston (b. 1850)
Daughter: Margaret Strother Johnston (1851-1922)
Son: Griffin Hancock Johnston (1857-1895)
Daughter: Eliza Alberta Johnston (1861-1947)

Various descriptions of General Johnston in the biography written by his son (see link below) say he was 6′ 2″ tall, “a very large man — not corpulent, but well proportioned,” weighing at least two hundred pounds. He had clear gray eyes “like those of Napoleon and Washington.”


Albert Sidney Johnston: Soldier of Three Republics by Charles P. Roland

The Life Of General Albert Sidney Johnston: Embracing His Services In The Armies Of The United States, The Republic Of Texas, And The Confederate States
by William Preston Johnston

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