George B. McClellan Quick Facts

George McClellan

Name Meaning

George is of Greek origin
meaning “farmer”

Vital Stats

Birthday: December 3, 1827
Birth Name: George Brinton McClellan
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Death:  October 29th, 1885 (gravesite)
Cause:  Heart attack
Place of Death:  Orange, NJ
Height: 5’8″
Nationality:  American
Ancestry: English
Occupation before Civil War:
Army officer, engineer,
railroad executive
Occupation during Civil War:
Union Army general, commander of the Army of the Potomac until Nov. 1862
Occupation after Civil War:
Engineer, railroad president, Governor of New Jersey 1878-1881, Democratic party candidate for President of the United States in 1864.

Major Battles:

1861 Western Virginia campaign,
1862 Peninsula Campaign, South Mountain, Antietam


Father:  Dr. George McClellan (1796-1847) (gravesite)
Mother:  Elizabeth Steinmetz Brinton McClellan (1800-89)
Sister: Frederica Sophia (1821-99)
Brother: John Hill Brinton McClellan (1823-74)
Brother: Arthur McClellan (1839-1904)
Sister: Mary Phillips McClellan (1832-95)


Married on 5/22/1860 to Mary Ellen Marcy McClellan (1830-1915)


Mary Ellen McClellan (1861-1945)
George Brinton McClellan (1865-1940)


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