George B. McClellan Quick Facts

George McClellan

Name Meaning

George is of Greek origin
meaning “farmer”

Vital Stats

Birthday: December 3, 1827
Birth Name: George Brinton McClellan
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Death:  October 29th, 1885 (gravesite)
Cause:  Heart attack
Place of Death:  Orange, NJ
Height: 5’8″
Nationality:  American
Ancestry: English
Occupation before Civil War:
Army officer, engineer,
railroad executive
Occupation during Civil War:
Union Army general, commander of the Army of the Potomac until Nov. 1862
Occupation after Civil War:
Engineer, railroad president, Governor of New Jersey 1878-1881, Democratic party candidate for President of the United States in 1864.

Major Battles:

1861 Western Virginia campaign,
1862 Peninsula Campaign, South Mountain, Antietam


Father:  Dr. George McClellan (1796-1847) (gravesite)
Mother:  Elizabeth Steinmetz Brinton McClellan (1800-89)
Sister: Frederica Sophia (1821-99)
Brother: John Hill Brinton McClellan (1823-74)
Brother: Arthur McClellan (1839-1904)
Sister: Mary Phillips McClellan (1832-95)


Married on 5/22/1860 to Mary Ellen Marcy McClellan (1830-1915)


Mary Ellen McClellan (1861-1945)
George Brinton McClellan (1865-1940)


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  1. gentleman jim says:

    Great job on the quick facts. It’s interesting that McClellan got married right before the War, had two kids by the time it ended and those two lived until the 1940s.

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