Richard Taylor Quick Facts

Name Meaning

Richard is of Old German origin and means “powerful leader”.

Vital Stats

Birthday:  January 27, 1826
Birth Name: Richard Taylor (often referred to as Dick Taylor)
Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
Date of Death: April 12, 1879
Cause: Complications from rheumatoid arthritis
Place of Death: New York City
Height: 5′ 8-1/2″
Nationality: American
Ancestry: English
Occupation before Civil War:
Sugar cane plantation owner; Louisiana State Senator
Occupation during Civil War:
Officer in Confederate army, rising
from Colonel to Lieutenant General
Occupation after Civil War: Lobbyist, part
owner of a New Orleans canal company, author

Major Battles:

First Bull Run. Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign,
The Seven Days battles, 1863 battles in the
Bayou Teche region of Louisiana, Red River Campaign.


Father: Zachary Taylor (Nov. 24, 1784-July 9, 1850)
Zachary Taylor was 12th President of the United States
Mother: Margaret Taylor (Sept. 21, 1788-Aug. 14, 1852)
Sister: Ann Margaret Taylor (April 9, 1811-Dec. 2, 1875)
Sister: Sarah Knox Taylor (March 6, 1814-Sept. 15, 1835)
Sister: Octavia Taylor (Aug. 16, 1816-July 8, 1820)
Sister: Margaret Smith Taylor (July 27, 1819-Oct. 22, 1820)
Sister: Mary Elizabeth Taylor (April 20, 1824-July 26, 1909)
Sarah Knox Taylor was the first wife of future
Confederate President Jefferson Davis


Married: Louise Marie Bringier Feb. 10, 1851
(January 28,1834-March 16, 1875)


Daughter: Louise Margaret Taylor (Jan. 6, 1852-Sept, 2, 1901)
Daughter: Elizabeth Taylor (July 1854-1936)
Son: Zachary Taylor (June 1857-April 17, 1863)
Son: Richard Taylor, Jr. (June 1860-May 20, 1863)
Daughter: Myrthe Bianca Taylor (November 1864-1942)


Richard Taylor: Soldier Prince of Dixie
by T. Michael Parrish
Destruction and Reconstruction–Personal Experiences of the Late War
by Richard Taylor

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