James A. Garfield Quick Facts

James A. Garfield

Name Meaning:

James is of Hebrew origin and means “he who supplants”.

Vital Stats:

Birthday: November 19, 1831
Birth Name: James Abram Garfield
Birthplace: Orange Township,
modern day Moreland Hills, Ohio
Height: 6’1″
Date of Death: September 19, 1881
Cause of Death: Mortally wounded
by assassin. Shot in Washington DC on
July 2nd, 1881, dying 80 days later.
Place of Death: Elberon, New Jersey
Nationality: American
Ancestry: English
Occupation before Civil War:
Canal boat operator,
teacher, lawyer,
Senator in Ohio state legislature.
Occupation during the Civil War:
U.S. Army officer,
rising from Colonel of the
42nd Ohio Infantry to Major General;
Member of U.S. House of
Representatives from December 1863
through the end of the war.
Occupation after the Civil War:
Lawyer, Member of U.S. House of
Representatives, 20th President of
the United States

Major Battles:

Middle Creek, Kentucky, Shiloh,
Corinth, Tullahoma Campaign,


Father: Abram Garfield
(December 28, 1799-May 8, 1833)
Mother: Eliza Ballou Garfield (September 21, 1801-January 21, 1888)
Sister: Mehetable Garfield (January 21, 1821-June 6, 1911)
Brother: Thomas Garfield (October 16, 1822-April 12, 1910)
Sister: Mary Garfield (October 19, 1824-November 4, 1884)
Brother: James Ballou Garfield (1826-1828)


Married: Lucretia Rudolf Garfield (April 19, 1832-March 13, 1918)
on November 11, 1858.


Daughter: Eliza Arabella Garfield (July 3, 1860-December 3, 1863)
Son: Harry Garfield (October 11, 1863-December 12, 1942)
Son: James R. Garfield (October 17, 1865-March 24, 1950)
Daughter: Mary Garfield (January 16, 1867-November 30, 1947)
Son: Irvin McDowell Garfield (August 3, 1870-July 19,1951)
Son: Abram Garfield (November 21, 1872-October 16, 1958)
Son: Edward Garfield (December 26, 1874-October 25, 1876)


James Garfield and the Civil War:: For Ohio and the Union
by Daniel J. Vermilya
Garfield by Allan Peskin
DARK HORSE: The Surprise Election and Political Murder of President James A. Garfield
by Kenneth D. Ackerman
Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President
by Candice Millard

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