George E. Pickett Quick Facts

Name Meaning

George is of Greek origin and
means “farmer”.

Vital Stats

Birthday:  January 16, 1825
Birth Name:  George Edward Pickett
Birthplace:  Richmond, Virginia
Date of Death:  July 30th, 1875
Cause:  Scarlet Fever
Place of Death:  Norfolk, Virginia
Nationality:  American
Ancestry:  English and Scottish
Occupation before Civil War:  
Officer in U.S. Army; veteran of
Mexican War.
Stationed in Washington Territory
June 1857 to June 1861.
Occupation during Civil War: 
General in Confederate
Army of Northern Virginia
Occupation after Civil War:  
Insurance Agent

Major Battles:

Peninsula Campaign, Fredericksburg,
Gettysburg, Siege of Petersburg,
Five Forks


Father:  Robert Pickett
(March 2,1799-Dec .21, 1856)
Mother:  Mary Johnston Pickett
(Jan. 1, 1805-Oct. 26, 1860)
Sister:  Elizabeth (Oct. 29, 1826-Feb. 15, 1827
Sister:  Mary S. (Aug. 12, 1829-July 23, 1830)
Sister:  Olivia (Oct. 27, 1831-April 22, 1832)
Sister:  Virginia (1833-1884)
Sister:  Mary (Nov. 8, 1835-April 13, 1836)
Brother:  Robert (Jan. 2, 1838-April 25, 1838)
Brother:  Charles (June 1, 1840-March 25, 1899)


Married: Sally Harrison Steward Minge Pickett Jan. 28, 1851
(Aug. 8, 1829-Nov. 13, 1851)
Married: Morning Mist Pickett 1856
Native American woman d. 1857
Married: LaSalle Corbell Pickett Sept. 15, 1863
(May 16, 1843-March 22, 1931)


Son: James Tilton Pickett (1857-1889)
Son: George E. Pickett, Jr. (July 17, 1864-April 18, 1911)
Son: David Corbell Pickett (May 25, 1866-1874)


Pickett Leader of the Charge: A Biography of General George E. Pickett, C.S.A
by Edward G. Longacre
Pickett’s Charge in History and Memory (Civil War America)
by Carol Reardon
The Pickett Society

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3 Responses

  1. Norma jean morrissey says:

    I was hoping your info. would include Pickett’s trip away from his command to attend a “shad bake”(fish fry) While he was gone with 2 other officers, a battle ensued losing hundreds of his men! Eventually he was found. The battle was actually close to the party but he heard nothing, There were very dense woods between the party & the battle. It is likely he heard nothing due to an”acoustic sshadow”. The woods blocked the sound! Go figure! It probably would have been a good idea to skip the party! Norma Jean Morrissey

    • Norma jean morrissey says:

      Thanx for letting me review note. Hope you post it. I think it’s an good story! Norma Jean

    • Mark says:

      Yes, that incident occurred during the Battle of Five Forks. Generals Pickett, W.H.F.Lee, (a son of Robert E. Lee), and Thomas L. Rosser were away from their commands at the shad bake, and didn’t return until the battle was well underway and essentially lost.

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