Winfield Scott Hancock Quick Facts

Name Meaning

Winfield is of Old English origin and
means “friend’s field”.

Vital Stats

Birthday:  February 14th, 1824
Birth Name:  Winfield Scott Hancock
Birthplace:  Montgomery Square,
Date of Death: February 9th, 1886
Cause:  Diabetes
Place of Death:  Governor’s Island,
New York
Height:  6′ 1-1/2 ”
Nationality:  American
Ancestry:  English,Scottish,and Welsh
Occupation before Civil War:
Officer in U.S. Army
Occupation during Civil War:
Union Army general; brigade,
division, and corps commander
Occupation after Civil War:
U.S. Army general; Democratic Party
nominee for president in 1880.

Major Battles:

Penisnsula Campaign; Antietam,Fredericksburg,
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Overland Campaign,
Siege of Petersburg


Father: Benjamin Franklin Hancock (Oct. 13, 1800-Feb. 1, 1867)
Mother: Elizabeth Hancock (d. 1879)
Brother (twin): Hilery Hancock (Feb. 14, 1824-Feb. 26, 1908)
Brother: John Hancock (1831-October 27, 1912)


Married: Almira Russell Hancock January 24th, 1850


Son: Russell Hancock (Oct. 29, 1850-Dec. 30, 1884)
Daughter: Ada Elizabeth Hancock (Feb. 24, 1857-March 28, 1875).


Winfield Scott Hancock: A Soldier’s Life
by David M. Jordan
Reminiscences Of Winfield Scott Hancock…
by Almira Russell Hancock

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