J.E.B. Stuart Quick Facts

Name Meaning

James is of Hebrew origin and means
“he who supplants”.

Vital Stats

Birthday:   February 6th, 1833
Birth Name:  James Ewell Brown Stuart
Birthplace:  Patrick County, Virginia
Date of Death:  May 12th, 1864
Cause:  Died from wounds received at
the Battle of Yellow Tavern on May 11th.
Place of Death: Richmond, Virginia
Nationality: American
Ancestry: Scottish and Irish
Occupation before Civil War:
Officer in U.S. Army
Occupation during Civil War:
Confederate cavalry officer;
commanding general of the Army of
Northern Virginia’s Cavalry Corps

Major Battles:

First and Second Bull Run,
Peninsula Campaign, South Mountain,
Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville,
Gettysburg, Overland Campaign


Father: Archibald Stuart
Mother: Elizabeth Letcher Pannill Stuart
Sister: Nancy Anne (b. 1818)
Sister: Bethenia (b. 1819)
Sister: Mary Tucker (b. 1821)
Brother: David Pannell (b. 1823)
Brother: William Alexander (b. 1826)
Brother: John Dabney (b. 1828)
Sister: Columbia Lafayette (1830-1857)
Brother: Unnamed infant (1834)
Sister: Virginia Josephine (b. 1836)
Sister: Victoria Augusta (b. 1838)


Married:  Flora Cooke  11/14/1855


Flora (9/15/1857-11/3/1862)
James Ewell Brown Jr. (6/26/1860-7/21/1930)
Virginia Pelham (10/9/1863-9/9/1898)


Cavalryman of the Lost Cause: A Biography of J. E. B. Stuart
by Jeffry D. Wert

Bold Dragoon: The Life of J.E.B. Stuart
by Emory M. Thomas

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