Braxton Bragg Quick Facts

General Braxton Bragg, CSA 2

Name Meaning:

Braxton is of Old English origin
and means “Bracca’s town”
or “Brock’s Town”

Vital Stats

Birthday: March 22nd, 1817
Birth Name: Braxton Bragg
Birthplace: Warrenton, North Carolina
Date of Death: September 27th, 1876
Cause: Uncertain, but probably
a cerebral hemorrhage, brain
aneurysm, or stroke
Place of Death:
Galveston, Texas
Nationality: American
Ancestry: English
Occupation before Civil War:
U.S Army officer, sugar plantation
Occupation during Civil War:
Confederate general
Occupation after Civil War:
Civil Engineer

Major Battles

Shiloh, Perryville,
Stones River, Chickamauga,
Lookout Mountain,
Missionary Ridge,
Second Fort Fisher,


Father: Thomas Bragg, Sr. (May 5th, 1778-1863)
Mother: Margaret Crossland Bragg (1784-1834)
Sister: Sarah Bragg (b. 1804)
Brother: John Bragg (January 14th, 1806 August 10th, 1878)
Brother: Thomas Bragg Jr. (November 9th, 1810-January 21st, 1872)
Thomas served as the Confederate Attorney General
Brother: William Bragg (1811?-1863)
Sister: Elizabeth Bragg (b.1812)
Sister: Catherine Bragg (b. 1813)
Brother: Alexander Bragg (b. 1815)
Brother: Dunbar (April 3rd, 1821-January 29th, 1882)
Sister: Mary Bragg (b. 1824)
Sister: Margaret (b. 1828, died in infancy)
Sister: Unnamed, b. 1830 died in infancy)


Married Eliza Ellis Bragg (October 27th, 1825-September 25th, 1908)
on June 7th, 1849.


General Braxton Bragg, C.S.A. by Samuel Martin

Braxton Bragg: The Most Hated Man of the Confederacy (Civil War America)by Earl J. Hess

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