Nathan Bedford Forrest Quick Facts

Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Name Meaning

Nathan is of Hebrew origin meaning “God has given”.

Vital Stats

Birthday: July 13th, 1821
Birth Name: Nathan Bedford Forrest
Birthplace: Chapel Hill, Tennessee
Date of Death: October 29th, 1877
Cause: Complications of Diabetes
Place of Death: Memphis, Tennessee
Height: 6’2″
Nationality: American
Ancestry: Scotch Irish
Occupation before Civil War: Plantation owner,
businessman, slave dealer.
Occupation during Civil War: Enlisted as private in
Confederate Army; rose to rank
of Lieutenant General.
Occupation after Civil War:
Businessman, railroad president.

Major Battles:

Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Chickamauga, Fort Pillow, Brice’s Crossroads, Tupelo, Franklin, Nashville, Selma


Father: William Forrest (1801-1837)
Mother: Miriam Beck Forrest (1802-1867)
Sister: Frances Forrest (twin; 1821-1841)
Brother: John Forrest (1822-1876)
Brother: William Forrest (1825-1871)
Sister: Mary Forrest (1826-1841)
Brother: Aaron Forrest (1828-1864)
Brother: Jesse Forrest (1829-1890)
Sister: Mildred Forrest (1831-1841)
Brother: Bedford Forest (b. 1834)
Brother: Isaac Forrest (1835-1841)
Brother: Jeffrey Forrest (1837-1864)
Half Brother: James M. Luxton (1844-1924)


Married: Mary Montgomery (1826-1893) on April 25, 1845


William M. Forrest (1846-1908)
Frances Ann Forrest (1849-1854)


That Devil Forrest: Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest by John A. Wyeth
A Battle from the Start: The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest by Brian Steel Wills

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