William T. Sherman Quick Facts

Name Meaning

William is of Old German origin,
meaning “defender, protector”

Vital Stats

Birthday:  February 8, 1820
Birth Name:  William Tecumseh Sherman.
Some sources say “William” was
added later.
Birthplace: Lancaster, Ohio
Date of Death: February 14,1891
Cause: Pneumonia
Place of Death: New York City
Height: About 6 feet
Nationality: American
Ancestry: English
Occupation before Civil War:
Army Officer, banker, lawyer,
superintendent of Louisiana State
Seminary of Learning & Military
Academy (now Louisiana State Univ,)
Occupation during Civil War:
Union Army General
Occupation after Civil War:
Remained in the army;
was Commanding General
of U.S. Army 1869-1883.

Major Battles:

First Bull Run, Shiloh, Vicksburg Campaign,
Chattanooga, Atlanta Campaign,
March to the Sea, Carolinas Campaign


Father: Charles R. Sherman 1788-1829
Foster Father: Thomas Ewing 1789-1871
Mother: Mary Hoyt 1787-1852
Charles 1811-1879
James b. 1814
Lampson b. 1822
John 1823-1900
Hoyt 1827-1904
Mary Elizabeth b. 1813
Amelia b. 1816
Julia Ann b. 1818
Susan b. 1826
Fanny b. 1830


Married: Eleanor “Ellie” Ewing Sherman 5/1/1850


Maria Ewing (1/18/1851-11/22/1913)
Mary Elizabeth (3/17/1852-4/6/1925)
William Tecumseh (6/8/1854-10/10/1863)
Thomas Ewing (10/12/1856-4/29/1933)
Eleanor Mary (9/5/1859-7/18/1915)
Rachel Ewing (7/5/1861-10/26/1919)
Charles Celestine  (6/11/1864-12/4/1864)
Philemon Tecumseh (1/9/1867-12/6/1941)


Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman (Library of America) by William T. Sherman
Sherman: A Soldier’s Passion for Order by John F. Marszelek

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2 Responses

  1. Emily Durham says:

    i am looking and i see that the foster father has the same lastt name as the wife if william sherman… is it that william met ellie and then her father became his foster or the other way around where william had foster father and then ellie and william met and got married? please answer as soon as possible

  2. Mark says:

    William’s father died in 1829 when William was nine years old, leaving his mother with eleven children and not much money. Thomas Ewing and his family were friends and neighbors of the Shermans’ and William went to live with them. Ellie Ewing was Thomas Ewing’s daughter, and was five years old when William moved in. They grew up together and were married in 1850.

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