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U.S. Mint to Release Gettysburg and Vicksburg Quarters in 2011

As part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, the United States Mint will release quarters honoring Gettysburg National Military Park and Vicksburg National Military Park in 2011. The Gettysburg Quarter will be released ...


The Pontoon Bridges at the Battle of Fredericksburg

In November 1862, President Abraham Lincoln promoted Major General Ambrose Burnside to commander of the Army of the Potomac, replacing Major General George McClellan.  Burnside developed a plan to capture the Confederate capitol of...


The Civil War Navy’s Sesquicentennial Commemoration

The U.S. Navy played a vital role in the Civil War, and will be commemorating its part in the war during the upcoming Civil War Sesquicentennial.    Early in the conflict, the Navy set up...