Jeopardy! Players Ace Civil War Category

The Civil War was a second round category on the game show Jeopardy! on 12/18/2014. That means the clues were worth double what they are worth in the first round and are supposed to be more difficult.

$400 – By June 1862 the Union held this river as far south as Memphis

$800 – After completing his “March to the Sea”, this General led another march through the Carolinas

$1200 – Although he was but one of 4 division commanders with Trimble, Pettigrew & Anderson in an attack at Gettysburg, the charge is named for this General

$1600 – On Oct. 19, 1864, this Union General known as “Little Phil” made his ride to stop Jubal Early at Cedar Creek

$2000 – In February 1865 Lincoln met with this Confederate Vice President aboard the River Queen at Hampton Roads, Virginia

Kurt Fritzsche and David Emery-Peck each got one and Kevin Hozey (who is a history teacher and went on to win the game) got 3, including the last clue, asking for the guy who was on the Confederate States of America’s $20 bill.

CSA $20 bill

Civil War Slang on Jeopardy

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