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John Burns of Gettysburg by Bret Harte

As U.S. forces rushed through Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 1st, 1863 to meet the approaching Confederates on the northwest edge of town, they were joined by 69 year old John L. Burns, a War...


The Iron Brigade in the Chancellorsville Campaign

On January 25th, 1863, Major General Joseph Hooker was promoted to command of the Army of the Potomac. Six weeks earlier, the army had suffered a bloody defeat at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia;...


The 19th Indiana Infantry at the Battle of Antietam

The 19th Indiana Infantry, along with the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin Infantry regiments, formed the 4th Brigade of Major General Joseph Hooker’s 1st Corps in the Army of the Potomac at the Battle...