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Leonidas Polk Quick Facts

Name Meaning: Leonidas is of Greek origin and means “lion”. Vital Stats Birthday: April 10th, 1806 Birth Name: Leonidas Polk Birthplace: Raleigh, North Carolina Height: About 6 Feet Date of Death: June 14th, 1864...


John Sedgwick Quick Facts

Name Meaning John is of Hebrew origin and means”God is gracious”. Vital Stats Birthday: September 13th, 1813 Birth Name: John Sedgwick Birthplace: Cornwall Hollow, Connecticut Date of Death: May 9th, 1864 Cause of death:...


Grant’s Canal at Vicksburg

Before launching his final, successful campaign to capture Vicksburg, Mississippi, Major General Ulysses S. Grant made several other unsuccessful attempts to take the city.  Situated on a high bluff on a sharp bend in...