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James A. Garfield Quick Facts

Name Meaning: James is of Hebrew origin and means “he who supplants”. Vital Stats: Birthday: November 19, 1831 Birth Name: James Abram Garfield Birthplace: Orange Township, modern day Moreland Hills, Ohio Height: 6’1″ Date...


Richard H. Anderson Quick Facts

Name Meaning: Richard is of Old German origin and means “powerful leader”. Vital Stats: Birthday: October 7th, 1821 Birth Name: Richard Herron Anderson Birthplace: Sumter County, South Carolina Date of Death: June 26th, 1879...


John Buford Quick Facts

Name Meaning: John is of Hebrew origin and means “God is gracious”. Vital Stats: Birthday: March 4th, 1826 Birth Name: John Buford, Jr. Birthplace: Woodford County, Kentucky Date of Death: December 16th, 1863 Cause...