U.S. Mint to Release Abraham Lincoln Presidential Silver Medal

The United States Mint introduced a Presidential Silver Medal series in 2018. These medals are one troy ounce of almost pure silver (99.9%); they are collector’s items of silver honoring U.S. presidents, not a currency. On May 1st, 2023, the mint will release the Abraham Lincoln Silver Medal.

The medal features a side view portrait of the 16th president on the front. The inscription “Inaugurated President of the United States March 4, 1861. Second term March 4, 1865. Assassinated April 14, 1865” is on the back of the coin. The medal is priced at $75.

Abraham Lincoln Silver Medal Front

Abraham Lincoln Silver Medal Back

Over the years, Lincoln has been a popular subject for the U.S. mint. His portrait has been on the penny since 1909, and on the $5 bill (or Federal Reserve Note as it is more formally called) since 1914. During the State Quarter Series (issued 1999-2008), where each state was featured on the back of the quarter, Lincoln was one of the subjects of the Illinois quarter, along with the Chicago skyline and a farm scene. Lincoln was also the subject of a $1 coin, part of the Presidential Dollar Coin Act of 2005. The Lincoln dollar was issued in 2010. Going way back, the 16th president has been featured on some now obscure currencies issued in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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