The Civil War Category on Jeopardy! November 30th, 2021

The popular game show Jeopardy often has questions about the Civil War. Occasionally, the show will have an entire category about the conflict. Such was the case on November 30th, 2021, when there was a Civil War category in the Double Jeopardy portion of the show, which included one Daily Double. The contestants knew their Civil War fairly well, with defending champion Amy Schneider answering three correctly on her way to a 10th straight victory. Challenger Pam Schoenberg answered one correctly, and the $2000 question was a triple stumper with no one buzzing in to give a try.

Speaking of November 30th, here’s a bonus question: Which major Civil War battle took place on November 30th, 1864? The answer is the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, a costly Confederate defeat. The Confederate Army of Tennessee under General John Bell Hood sustained over 8500 total casualties, including 1750 killed. The Union under General John M. Schofield had about 2300 total casualties, of which 189 were killed.

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