Civil War Film “The Free State of Jones” Will Be Released June 24, 2016

Newton Knight

Newton Knight

The Free State of Jones is a Civil War move based on the true story of Newt Knight, a Mississippi farmer and Confederate soldier who walked away from the fighting after the Siege of Corinth, returning home to Jones County, Mississippi. Knight and many others in Jones County were opposed to secession and slavery and as more of his disillusioned neighbors deserted and returned home, Knight organized a guerrilla war campaign against the Confederate authorities. Hiding out in the swamps and backcountry, Knight and his men, which included runaway slaves, defied Confederate attempts to track them down (although some were killed and captured) and were so successful that Confederate authority in Jones County was essentially eliminated and replaced with what was referred to as the Free State of Jones.

The movie stars Mathew McConaughey as Newt Knight, and with the beard he grew for the role, McConaughey certainly looks like Knight. The film is slated for release on June 24th, 2016. Here’s the film’s trailer:

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