PBS Civil War Drama “Mercy Street” Premiers January 17th, 2016

“Mercy Street”, a six part drama set in Alexandria, Virginia during the Civil War, hits the airwaves with its premier episode on January 17th.  The series focuses on a hospital in the Union occupied city, and the doctors and nurses who treat wounded soldiers, as well as runaway slaves, and various other civilians from both sides of the conflict.  Since Alexandra is a city in Confederate Virginia across the Potomac River from  Washington DC and the Union states, it’s a good setting for a wide range of characters, from both north and south.

The producers and writers went to great lengths to ensure historical accuracy in the show.

The hospital in the show is the Mansion House Hospital, and it really existed. The Mansion House was a hotel prior to being turned into a 500 bed hospital.

Mansion House, Alexandria, Virginia

Mansion House, Alexandria, Virginia

The series will get a boost by airing directly after PBS’ ultra popular “Downton Abbey” on Sunday nights.

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