Burnside Bridge at Antietam Closed for Repairs

The Burnside Bridge over Antietam Creek at Antietam National Battlefield has been temporarily closed to foot traffic for renovation and repair as of October 10th, 2015. The stone arch bridge was built in 1836 was known as the Rohrbach Bridge (the name of a nearby farm family) and the Lower Bridge until the September 17th, 1862 Battle of Antietam. On that day, the Union 9th Corps, under Major General Ambrose Burnside, made two attempts at crossing the bridge but the assaults were beaten back by a small, well concealed Confederate force before a third attack finally carried the position.

Burnside Bridge, Antietam National Battlefield

Burnside Bridge, Antietam National Battlefield

The bridge and the white Dunker Church are probably the two most famous structures in the park. The bridge is normally open to foot traffic. In January 2014, some of the bridge’s stones fell into Antietam Creek, and subsequent investigations showed that extensive repair and refurbishing was necessary. It is, after all, nearly 180 years old. The repairs are scheduled to last into the spring of 2016. To keep up with the progress of the Burnside Bridge repair project, check out the National Park Services’ Antietam website or the Antietam National Battlefield Facebook page.

And speaking of Antietam, here’s a nicely done video from a couple of years ago made by Baltimore Sun photographer Karl Merton Ferron, entitled “From Now to Then: Whispers of Antietam”:

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