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John S. Mosby Quick Facts

Name Meaning Hebrew: God is gracious Vital Stats Birthday:  December 6th, 1833 Birth Name:  John Singleton Mosby Birthplace:  Powhatan County, VA Date of Death:  May 30th, 1916 Place of Death: Washington D.C. Height: 5’7″...


Colonel Joseph Bailey’s Red River Dam

In March of 1864, a land force consisting of the Union Army’s 19th Corps and portions of the 13th, 16th, and 17th Corps under the command of Major General Nathaniel Banks headed northwest up...


Philip H. Sheridan Quick Facts

Name Meaning Greek: Lover of horses Vital Stats Birthday: March 6, 1831 Birth Name: Philip Henry Sheridan Birthplace: Disputed * Date of Death: August 5th, 1888 Cause: Heart attack Place of Death: Nonquitt, MA...