Wisconsin Historical Society Announces New Online Civil War Resources

The Wisconsin Historical Society has added a new section to its website called Wisconsin in the Civil War. The Historical Society Library and archives contain a great deal of material about Wisconsin’s involvement in the Civil War, and this website makes a portion of  it available to anyone anywhere. According to the Society, more material will be added weekly throughout 2011.

A wide range of information is available at the site. Biographies of Wisconsin Civil War figures, profiles of Wisconsin regiments, lists of battles and the Wisconsin units that fought in them are available, as well as maps of the battles and related images. A large number of firsthand accounts and primary sources such as letters and memoirs are included in the online collections.

The Wisconsin Historical Society Library is one of the finest history and genealogy research libraries in the country, not just for Wisconsin history but for any kind of history. The Society continues to add more material of its vast collections online for the benefit of researchers everywhere.


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