George E. Pickett Quick Facts

Name Meaning

George is of Greek origin and
means “farmer”.

Vital Stats

Birthday:  January 16, 1825
Birth Name:  George Edward Pickett
Birthplace:  Richmond, Virginia
Date of Death:  July 30th, 1875
Cause:  Scarlet Fever
Place of Death:  Norfolk, Virginia
Nationality:  American
Ancestry:  English and Scottish
Occupation before Civil War:  
Officer in U.S. Army; veteran of
Mexican War.
Stationed in Washington Territory
June 1857 to June 1861.
Occupation during Civil War: 
General in Confederate
Army of Northern Virginia
Occupation after Civil War:  
Insurance Agent

Major Battles:

Peninsula Campaign, Fredericksburg,
Gettysburg, Siege of Petersburg,
Five Forks


Father:  Robert Pickett
(March 2,1799-Dec .21, 1856)
Mother:  Mary Johnston Pickett
(Jan. 1, 1805-Oct. 26, 1860)
Sister:  Elizabeth (Oct. 29, 1826-Feb. 15, 1827
Sister:  Mary S. (Aug. 12, 1829-July 23, 1830)
Sister:  Olivia (Oct. 27, 1831-April 22, 1832)
Sister:  Virginia (1833-1884)
Sister:  Mary (Nov. 8, 1835-April 13, 1836)
Brother:  Robert (Jan. 2, 1838-April 25, 1838)
Brother:  Charles (June 1, 1840-March 25, 1899)


Married: Sally Harrison Steward Minge Pickett Jan. 28, 1851
(Aug. 8, 1829-Nov. 13, 1851)
Married: Morning Mist Pickett 1856
Native American woman d. 1857
Married: LaSalle Corbell Pickett Sept. 15, 1863
(May 16, 1843-March 22, 1931)


Son: James Tilton Pickett (1857-1889)
Son: George E. Pickett, Jr. (July 17, 1864-April 18, 1911)
Son: David Corbell Pickett (May 25, 1866-1874)


Pickett Leader of the Charge: A Biography of General George E. Pickett, C.S.A
by Edward G. Longacre
Pickett’s Charge in History and Memory (Civil War America)
by Carol Reardon
The Pickett Society

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